The Tamarack Nature Preserve - managed by the City of Woodbury, Minnesota in collaboration with the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District - is a 169-acre wetland surrounded by woodlands. This bog-like "rich fen" - which resulted from the last retreat of glaciers in the region over 10,000 years ago - is home to one of the southernmost stands of tamarack trees in the state. The site boasts a great biodiversity of marsh plants, birds and other wild creatures, as well as floating hummocks. It not only provides important habitat for flora and fauna, but allows human visitors to immerse themselves in a reflective and restorative place that provides deep connection to nature. Take a quick video tour

Our Mission

The Adopt-A-Park volunteer stewards of the Tamarack Nature Preserve aim to keep the site as close to its native state as possible, while educating and inspiring visitors of all ages and backgrounds to engage in environmental stewardship and enjoyment within the Preserve.

Wilderness is a necessity...there must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls.
— John Muir

Goals and Achievements

  • We work with the City of Woodbury and the Ramsey-Washington Watershed District to develop long-term plans for improving and conserving the natural state of the Preserve.

  • Our team helps organize group tours of the Preserve for people of varying abilities, ages and interests .

  • We have developed a community-based field guide for the Tamarack Nature Preserve - using the iNaturalist app - and encourage visitors to add their observations to the guide.

  • We hold periodic volunteer service activities are held to remove invasive species and collect trash.

  • Our work has inspired local residents and been recognized for its advocacy and community engagement model.

  • We have designed a "virtual nature center" using new technologies, while working with our partners to improve signage and create more accessible trails.

  • Our ultimate goal is to encourage more visitors to the Preserve and to inspire a sense of conservation for this fragile and unique wetland.